We provide a drug and alcohol free living environment with ongoing staff support, community volunteer involvement and peer-to-peer mentorship. Our mission is to return recovered men to family and community.

Overview of Phase One and Two Programs
Phase One is an intensive 2-3 week program involving 12 Step immersion, connection with the local recovery community and life development curriculum.  Clients in Phase One follow a daily schedule and are monitored by staff and/or volunteers.  Community volunteer involvement is an important aspect of this phase.
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Upon completion of Phase One, clients are eligible to move into Phase Two, which is our longer term transitional living program.  Clients in Phase Two continue to practice Phase One teachings but are given more freedom to begin job searches, gain employment, and do outside activities on their own including shopping, 12 Step meetings, recreational activities, and family visits.  Phase Two clients continue to check in regularly with staff and are involved in providing peer support to Phase One clients.  
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Kyle Taylor

​Program Coordinator 

Welcome to the Safe Place Foundation!

Our Services

  • Phase Programs
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
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How can you help?

The Safe Place Foundation relies on the support of the eastern Iowa community for everything from money to donated goods.  read more

Ross Hauser

Executive Director

Our Staff

Returning Recovered Men to family and community

About the Safe Place?

The Safe Place Foundation has been helping people in early recovery since 1987 and has been at our present location since 1992.  read more