About the Safe Place?

The Safe Place Foundation has been helping people in early recovery since 1987 and has been at our present location since 1992.  read more

Returning Recovered Men to family and community

How can you help?

The Safe Place Foundation relies on the support of the eastern Iowa community for everything from money to donated goods.  read more

Our Services

  • Phase Programs
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Resource Identification and linkage.   read more

We always need:

Non perishable food items

Cleaning supplies (bleach, window cleaner, bathroom cleaners, pine sol, 409, and other general purpose cleaners)

Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper)

Bath towels and washcloths

Bedding for twin beds (sheets, blankets, pillow cases)


Kitchen towels

Scrub sponges

We also need electric washers/dryers in good working condition. 

Electronics such as TV's and microwave ovens

These items must be cleared in advance by Safe Place Staff before making donation.

We can also pick items up for your convenience.

To schedule a pick up, or to ask questions about donating, please contact us here.